Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Questions to ponder

1. Why am I me, rather than someone else? (this question does not stop at the writer- it is for everyone to ponder)

This question has been bugging me lately and I find it very intriguing. What is consciousness? The more you think about it, the more you realise that this is not a question of science, but a question of philosophy. Anyone like to have a go?

2. Is the glass half full or half empty? Or are these descriptions an example of the way language cannot capture truth in its objective form?

3. Is there really such a thing as good and bad or are these just meanings that we assign to things in order to understand them better?


Doctor Marco said...

I think it is both, a question of science and a question of philosophy. A question of science because the preception of ourselves obviously starts (somehow) in our neurons and a question of philosophy because we try to give the phenomenon a meaning beyond its plain existence

N B Saunders said...

perhaps this is a question of science. philosophy which bases its arguments on what we know in science are called naturalistic arguments.

why should i only be experiencing what the neurons are doing in my brain, and not someone elses? i think the problem starts at the vagueness of the word "me". What is "me"? Well, in this situation, I am using the word "me" to represent my consciousness, my perspective, my thoughts. But what are these? They are simply my brain sensations. So why should I only experience my thoughts and not someone elses? Because my thoughts is all that I am (in this case).

The reason that i am me, instead of someone else is because all that i am is the culmination of the effects of all the brain sensations (especially memory) that have taken place in my brain.

Anonymous said...

Steven Pinker's How to think about the mind

Anonymous said...

I think that number 3 should also coincide with if everyone is born with sense of morality. Or are we born with clean slate?

joyce said...

If one believes in evolution is it not just a matter of time before we adapt to a hotter planet by developing a physiological resistance to heat - say, armour plated scales that reflect heat or a skin that somehow absorbs and turns the heat into energy?
Any theories?

N B Saunders said...

As a firm believer in evolution, I consider this a poignant question. However, I think that evolution is a very slow process which would not be able to keep up with the fast changing pace of global warming. I think the only survivors would be the ones already adapted to extremely high temperatures, such as those creatures who dwell in the desert, or beings intelligent enough to use technology as a means to survival (human beings if they can get their act together in time)

Paul Cage said...

1) You are you because u were born different, lived different (teachers, situations, friends,) different DNA.

Basically, My theory is that u are you because of the circumstances that you are brought up with and lived with.

E.g: What you ate last night, who you slept with, your parents, your favorite teacher.

I think there are many variables, too many to name, which can affect who you are. Therefore, everyone is unique because of their circumstances.

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